Hey everyone! Another edition of the Staircase Wit Living Room Sessions will be happening on Facebook Live tomorrow night, Thursday, July 7th, at 6pm EDT! Thanks again to everyone who tuned in last week, and I hope to see you there again this week! Go to the Staircase Wit page on Facebook and give it a LIKE to make sure you don’t miss it! You can find the link to the Facebook Page on the Social Media section of this site.

Jul 1 2016

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Craig Bowling tuned in and caught my set on Facebook Live tonight during the first ever Living Room Sessions! You can catch the next one on Thursday, July 7th on Staircase Wit’s Facebook page starting at 6pm EDT. Thanks to everyone that tuned in tonight and shared the video, liked the page, left comments, and all that fun stuff.

Jun 29 2016

Hey everyone! I’ll be performing a three song set here https://www.facebook.com/CamChowder/videos/10209920385230889/ on Facebook LIVE Thursday, June 30th at 6pm EST. Let’s have fun with it! Spread the word and I’ll see you then!

Jun 28 2016

Here it is! Big thanks toDJ Struth Mate for featuring me on another episode of the DJ Struth Mate Show! This time we talked about the name Staircase Wit, duck-sized horses, horse-sized ducks, and he challenged me to some Band Name Trivia! You can also hear a new acoustic track that will be a part of my new Acoustic EP dropping next week! Check out the episode below full of really great independent artists and spread the word!


Jun 25 2016

Staircase Wit