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Staircase Wit was recently featured on a Spotify playlist by What Happened To Your Band! “I Can’t Get Enough” is on their Best of November 2017 playlist alongside other great bands including Real Friends. Check out the playlist here and share it with a friend!

London-based music blog, Mystic Sons, featured I Can’t Get Enough from Staircase  Wit’s debut full-length record, Push and Pull, on November 28, 2017! Check out all  of the featured songs and artists here–>

raglan records logoNew Zealand-based Raglan Records was rad enough to feature Staircase Wit along with four other US-based bands on their website! Follow this link  and be sure to check out the other established and up-and-coming bands alike!

jaxxshackCheck out Staircase Wit on JaxxShack’s “On our Radar” section right here: Big thanks to Jackie Thompson for featuring me on this awesome music blog. Be sure to look around the rest of the site while you’re there for more incredible music!


weststar radioStaircase Wit is currently in rotation on West Star Radio! Tune in here: and request “Tightrope”, “Every Time I Come Home”, or “Just One Chance” in the request section.


dj struth mateDJ Struth Mate was kind enough to play some tracks from the Unfamiliar Sounds and Acoustic Sounds EPs on his weekly radio show. In this clip from episode 26 you will hear an interview the two of us did talking about the name “Staircase Wit”, the difference between horse-sized ducks and duck-sized horses, as well as ridiculous true and fake band names.

music talks

In June of 2016 Staircase Wit was featured as one of Music Talks’ Artist of the Month. To read the article that was up on their website, follow this link:!Cameron-Weaver-Rock/c19pr/574021590cf293e8d8d8dc0b  Be sure to visit Music Talks every month to hear more amazing independent artists from around the world!