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Feb 16 2018

The Last Time

I know, it’s been awhile since I last posted on this website, but I am back and I am so incredibly proud to announce that Staircase Wit’s new single, The Last Time, is available now.

Here it is on iTunes:

In December of 2016 I went into County Q Productions to record a new project called Staircase Wit. I wanted to really explore a style of music I’ve always loved. If you have followed my music from any point before Staircase Wit, you’ll know that I have tried a lot of different styles and I’ve written many songs that just didn’t feel right while I was looking for my voice, so to speak. That all changed, personally, when the Staircase Wit music started to come alive in that studio. I was incredibly fortunate to put that project together with some amazing musicians in Nashville, and the best production team at County Q. I was, and I still am, so proud of that debut album, Push and Pull.

It was a very freeing experience, albeit scary, to put out some of those feelings and songs. Staircase Wit by its very definition means to think of the perfect comeback after a conversation has already passed. I knew there was still more I wanted and needed to say. That, in itself, is terrifying but also exciting. I knew that Staircase Wit wouldn’t be a one-off project. I knew I wanted to make more music under that moniker. In March of 2017 I released “Push and Pull”. In April of 2017, I wrote “The Last Time”.

On Monday, February 12th, I returned to County Q for the day to record this single. My life is at a weird point and I knew I wouldn’t be able to record another album, or even an EP, so I wanted to pick the right song to sink this time, money, and faith into.

I was fortunate enough to have two players on this session. The first being Danny Parks, who played acoustic and electric guitar. He is an incredibly nice man, extremely professional, and so talented. The second player you’ll hear is Ross Holmes, who laid down track after track of string parts to give this song an almost cinematic feel. Both players, again, were extremely pleasant to work with, talk to, and I am honored to have them on this song. Every time I go into County Q, I get the sense that these musicians read my mind and know exactly what direction to take in order to make the work tape I bring to the studio into the song that eventually makes it up to iTunes and Spotify.

I also owe a lot to Paul Scholten and Mike Purcell at County Q. Paul led the session, ran the board, and produced the track. Mike mixed and mastered it the next day. I’ve worked with those two on every session I’ve done over the last six years there, and I am incredibly thankful for all the work the put in to make each session special, and each song amazing.

And now, to all of you, I want to thank you for your continued support. Whether you have been coming to random gigs I had around Wabash, Indiana, or saw this song and heard of Staircase Wit for the first time while reading this post, you are only helping me accomplish my goal of simply getting these songs out to people who need them. Without going too deep into the specifics of this song, it means a lot to me. I went through the toughest season of my life about five years ago and I finally got around to saying what I needed to. This song helped me get past those bad feelings and I hope it helps you or someone you know. If you choose to listen to this song, thank you. If you choose to buy it, thank you. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. Share it with someone you think might. I will eventually make the second full album whether anyone listens or not, but it is more fun if you all join me on the journey.

Lengthy post, I know. If you made it this far, just know my main point is I am truly humbled by everyone involved in the creation and consumption of this specific song.

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